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Our story

ChefMe was founded in August 2016 and is based in Copenhagen. We are a credible chef's platform where people can explore exciting menus and order a private chef to come home and cook in your kitchen.

Whether it's for a couples dinner, birthday, wedding, a night out with the boys/girls or a larger party, ChefMe helps you get in contact with skilled and professional chefs, so you can have a unique dining experience.

With world-class customer service and a growing selection of menus, ChefMe is the easiest way to bring the restaurant experience into your home.

Our customers say
4.9 out of 5

The team

  • Thomas MamburayFounder and General manager

    Thomas has a background as an entrepreneur and started his first company when he was just 17-years-old and event company he had for 5 years, booking working with some of the best artists in Denmark. His passion is food, which is why he attend culinary school.

  • Anna Katrine AndersenCustomer Service & Marketing Assistant

    Anna Katrine has experience from project management, sales and has worked as a waiter for 4 years.

  • Sebastian SemlaliHead of partnerships

    Before ChefMe, Sebastian was in charge of sales in a large electronics company and he attended culinary school and has always had a passion for food.

  • Morten PaaskeChef, advisor

    Morten is a chef with attention to detail and a hunger to learn new things. He has excelled at winning World Cup gold, with the U25 chef's national team in Luxembourg and a 1st place for the Young Chef in 2009. He is educated from the Danish Michelin restaurant Formula B in 2011.

  • Mads Schouw PetersenChef, advisor

    Mads has two parents from the industry and a gastronomy understanding that is rarely seen, he started cooking as a 16-year-old. He graduated from Restaurant Geist under Bo Bæk and already as 23 years old, Mads could call himself Head Chef of Bar Central.


  • InnoBooster has invested in ChefMe. InnoBooster invests in promising danish startups with knowledge and ideas, that creates growth and jobs in Denmark.

  • Innovationsfonden invited ChefMe 12 days to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, to network, share knowledge and meet a lot of exiting investors and business angels.

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In the media

  • Euroman:“Toss recipes aside, toast with your friends and enjoy a great meal - all without stress.”

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  • My-Pleasure:“You have to gather the guys for an evening dinner, but you don't want to stand struggle in the kitchen, then ChefMe is the place for you. Here you can find a chef that takes care of making the food, as well as present and serve it.”

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  • Gastro:“The concept isn't just for the Copenhagen foodies. ChefMe is already represented, with skilled chefs throughout Denmark.”

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  • MetroXpress:“Young danish entrepreneurs today launch the equivalent of Uber for booking Chefs online. Your private chef is only a few clicks away.”

  • Mad & venner:“Do you need a chef, for a family gathering or a private dinner? Then this new danish initiative is pretty cool!”

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