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Hire a chef FAQ

What if I haven't planned the graduation yet?

We recommend sending a request so you can make sure the chef is available on the chosen date.

After confirmation, you will still be able to: change the menu and number of servings, change the number of guests, allergies and side dishes, and write to the chef to discuss the menu and dinner.

When is the latest time I should book a chef for a confirmation?

Many people are looking for chefs for confirmations this year. We therefore recommend that you reserve your date as early as possible by sending a request to the chef, especially for weekends and during periods with holidays or celebrations.

If you need to use a chef for a confirmation, please contact the chef.

If you need a chef at short notice or the chef is not available on your chosen date, don't worry! Our customer service team is ready to assist you in finding a chef. Call us at   93 40 40 40 10 or write to us at   [email protected]


What happens when I send a request to the chef?

When you send a request to a chef, you also create a profile, so you will be notified when the chef has sent a response to the request. You will also have access to a message thread where you can write to the chef at any time and make further arrangements.


Can I change the chef's menu for confirmation?

You can choose to start from one of the chefs' menus or have a menu tailored to your taste buds.

Do you prefer fish to meat? Or do you prefer cake to ice cream for dessert? Send a request to the chef and share your wishes so you can put together a menu that suits you and your party. The chef is also able to create alternative menus based on allergies and dietary requirements.


Does the chef bring everything you need?

You will be able to see further up the page what the chef's requirements are for your kitchen and what the chef is able to bring. If you are unsure, you can ask the chef once you have submitted a request.

What do I need to do myself when booking a chef?

The chef is responsible for all the shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up in the kitchen. So all you have to do is set the table, prepare the drinks (unless you've ordered a wine menu or similar), enjoy time with your guests around the table and celebrate the confirmation!